32 Processes Customers are Automating with JAMS


Processes to Automate with JAMS

When it comes to workload automation (WLA), the sky’s the limit for finding processes you can improve. JAMS is a centralized WLA solution that runs, monitors, and manages jobs and workflows that support your critical business processes. We’ve compiled 32 different ways real-life JAMS customers are using WLA, batch processing, and job scheduling to help give you just a small glimpse at what’s possible with IT automation. And if you have ideas or want to dive deeper, we have the resources you need to make it happen.

Looking for a place to start your automation journey? Start here and take these ideas to help you think about how you can use JAMS to streamline your current processes to work smarter, not harder, with IT automation.

Cloud Job Automation Examples

Achieve greater cloud orchestration across your business when you use JAMS to automate cloud jobs.

1. Automate deployment of Microsoft Azure VM images or instances of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
2. Automate batch processing and Lambda functionality concurrently on AWS
3. Automate file transfers across your cloud infrastructure
4. Automate Microsoft Azure Pipelines
5. Align Amazon Cloud Services with your enterprise automation

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ERP Automation Examples

Integrate processes from your ERP environment—like Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP, and more—with external applications using JAMS to manage processes from a single, consolidated console.

6. Automate SAP jobs to overcome the limitations of SAP’s CCMS
7. Streamline Workday ERP processes with JAMS
8. Automate electronic orders through JD Edwards
9. Accelerate JD Edwards processing and reduce the time allocated to nightly jobs
10. Automate Banner by Ellucian to strengthen key departments in higher education
11. Automate Oracle Stored Procedures and connect it to non-Oracle jobs
12. Run month-end processing reports with no parameter entry errors overnight
13. Integrate job scheduling and file transfer automation with Ecometry

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Process Improvement Automation Examples

JAMS gives you a flexible and straightforward solution for job scheduling and workload automation that helps you simplify and streamline processes that usually cause headaches.

14. Keep workloads on the right path by automating the retry process
15. Make your next job definition more reliable by adding dependencies
16. Easily manage source codes in a secure, centralized repository for every job type
17. Enable self-service automation to provide quick responses to common administrative requests
18. Automate recovery processes to handle failures gracefully
19. Support business continuity with workload automation
20. Automate virtual machines for efficiency and competitive advantage
21. Automate file transfers in response to events or based on time
22. Schedule, secure, and connect Hadoop processes
23. Set up holiday batch processing to eliminate frenzied pre-holiday task scheduling
24. Monitor every data refresh, ETL process, import, and export across an entire IT infrastructure

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Security and Compliance Automation Examples

Take the hassle out of staying secure and compliant by working these measures into your processes.

25. Ensure Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance
26. Ensure PCI compliance
27. Apply a set of security standards to secure every point of your workload automation
28. Reduce your “attack surface” with automation

Miscellaneous Automation Examples

29. Empower retailers to automate daily transactions and processes to run automatically
30. Streamline invoice processing with automation
31. Maximize Informatica scheduling
32. Secure EDM and ETL for trading systems

What Could You Automate with JAMS and Add to Our List?

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