Automation for Microsoft Dynamics Processes

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics to deliver enterprise job scheduling to your MS Dynamics environment.

The JAMS Adaptor for MS Dynamics integrates batch job scheduling and workload automation across all facets of your organization – from finance and business intelligence to supply chain management and sales.

JAMS provides MS Dynamics with a complete batch automation framework. This framework gives users and administrators the ability to define, schedule and execute workflows. Workflows can be triggered by processes within MS Dynamics as well as processes native to other business and technical applications.

MS Dynamics batch jobs and user jobs are fully accessible to JAMS Job Scheduler. JAMS users can submit these jobs ad hoc or schedule them at custom intervals. Once jobs are defined, a comprehensive set of parameters can be used to customize the processes within workflows or within specific departments or companies that you have defined in MS Dynamics.



Status notifications from MS Dynamics are captured in real-time, supplying intelligent data to both users and other dependent jobs. With this data stream, JAMS ensures the accurate execution of complex workflows. IT teams have the ability to start, cancel or restart MS Dynamics batch jobs from the JAMS console. JAMS security protocols give you the added advantage of setting granular privileges, defining who can access job controls, job definitions and job logs.

JAMS reporting tools provide comprehensive reporting details for all MS Dynamics batch jobs and incorporate information, warnings and error messages generated via the MS Dynamics Infolog.

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