Low-Code Automation

Supercharge your automation footprint by bringing low-code automation to the powerful orchestration of JAMS. With Fortra’s Automate as your low-code job builder, business users and citizen developers alike can create jobs and workflows through a user-friendly solution—no scripting required and no barriers to 3rd party websites or legacy systems.

Further streamline repetitive, rule-based, manual tasks taking up valuable time at your organization like report generation, data entry, employee onboarding, and more. Achieve improved process efficiency, increased productivity and faster turnaround times.

What is Low-Code Automation?

Low-code automation delivers no-code development options—like drag-and-drop task building, screen recording, and native actions—that supplement coding and technical expertise. With low-code automation, technical users can build automation faster by cutting down on manual work that holds back rapid development. All with the flexibility to use your own coding and scripts.

Bringing Automate and JAMS together gives you the best of Fortra’s automation—the no-code features of Automate and the code-driven power of JAMS.

Benefits of a Low-Code Job Builder


Simplified Job Creation

  • Use no-code, drag-and-drop development to connect to API endpoints
  • Leverage 70+ native actions and 200+ free bots in Fortra’s Connector Hub to connect to common applications
  • Utilize the Automate Recorder to capture user actions on a website or desktop application
  • Create complex automation workflows using steps, logic, and more via the Automate Workflow Designer


Orchestrate Your Jobs and Workflows in JAMS

  • Bring automation directly to the people who know their business processes best
  • Business users don’t have to use developer resources to build out projects—and can start automating faster
  • Maintain visibility and control over the automation running in your environment and reduce shadow IT


Bring Low-Code Automation to Your Jobs and Workflows

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