Explore the many features that make JAMS a comprehensive workload automation solution for the enterprise.


JAMS ArchitectureArchitecture

The JAMS architecture gives operators everything they need to keep their jobs and automation running smoothly, consisting of three main elements—the client, the engine, and the agent.


Code-Driven AutomationJAMS code-driven automation

JAMS goes beyond the GUI so that your other solutions and applications conform to your rules, not theirs, with code-driven automation.


low-codeLow-Code Automation

Further streamline rule-based, repetitive, tasks by bringing user-friendly automation to the people who know their processes best. Maintain visibility and control over that automation in JAMS.


JAMS monitorMonitor

The JAMS monitor is the command center where you can see your centralized workload automation environment – including currently running and recently completed jobs, organized by user preference.


JAMS event-based schedulingEvent-Based Scheduling

JAMS provides for event-based job scheduling to allow jobs and processes to be triggered by events such as file transfers, system startups, runaway processes, or user-defined events.


JAMS file transfer capabilitiesFile Transfer Capabilities

JAMS brings enterprise workflow control to each and every file transfer through a built-in FTP execution method that ensures that critical file transfers are centrally defined, monitored, audited, and logged.


JAMS dashboard iconsDashboards

Maximize job visibility with vivid automation dashboards that give you a complete picture of your jobs for the assurance that your schedule will run smoothly—and the ability to troubleshoot fast.


JAMS IT Process ReportingReporting

Easily create detailed workload reports on any aspect of your automated workloads and batch processes to deliver informative, easy-to-read content that turns jobs into clear concise snapshots.


JAMS alertingAlerting

Stay ahead of issues before they become problems with comprehensive alerts that include email, voice, SMS, and SCOM communications.


JAMS securitySecurity

Apply uncompromising security to your enterprise’s entire spectrum of batch processes through a unique architecture that preserves security protocols set by individual platforms and applications.


JAMS high availabilityHigh Availability

JAMS provides high availability  job scheduling that supports failover  and clustering for reliable batch processing.



JAMS legacy modernizationLegacy Modernization

JAMS brings mainframe-like scheduling capabilities to the distributed world but leaves behind the costs and complexities of mainframe software.


See the Comprehensive Features of JAMS in Action

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