SAP Job Scheduler

JAMS brings the automation, manageability, and reliability of orchestration to SAP. This means your SAP jobs can now be part of larger business process workflows, managed from a single console. Organizations using JAMS for SAP job scheduling reduce operational costs by as much as 60%, improve the efficiency of the entire organization, and significantly increase the reliability of workload automation.

  • Support for cross-application, cross-platform job dependencies
  • Single point-of-control for enterprise-wide job scheduling
  • Seamless integration with SAP, mySAP and CCMS
  • Ease of use and point- and-click selection of SAP job variables
  • Industry leading scheduling capabilities, including exception- based management, scalability, role-based security and enhanced manageability

Key Benefits of an Integrated SAP Job Scheduler

Leverage your SAP investment to create a comprehensive workload automation platform with job scheduling from JAMS.

  • Connect JAMS SAP applications to other business applications with event-based scheduling and integrated workflows.
  • Consolidate SAP process automation with other business processes in a single console.
  • Reduce costs associated with training and maintenance.
  • Provide more powerful job scheduling than the native scheduler for greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Allows for the automation of processes like ABAP programs, external programs, and process chains.
  • Monitors, manages, and triggers dependencies between SAP and external processes. Complete audit trail documents the workflow.
  • Import SAP processes directly into JAMS.
  • Links SAP events to JAMS events to create event-driven job processing.
  • Combines real-time status of SAP processes with external processes in a single console.
  • Supports multiple SAP instances and environments.
  • Offers more flexible and extensive calendar options for scheduling processes.


The JAMS SAP Extensions provide a simple, robust link between JAMS and SAP. The extensions enable the creation of a job definition in JAMS which executes a job on an SAP server. JAMS ensures that SAP processes are executed quickly and reliably, enabling users to concentrate on more pressing business requirements. By responding immediately to events, JAMS for SAP minimizes process requirements and ensures the efficient completion of tasks, saving time and money.


A SAP job in JAMS is protected by the same security mechanisms as any other job definition, flexible access control lists (ACLs) that utilized your existing Active Directory users and groups. In addition, you can keep SAP access credentials in our User Security Vault which is encrypted and protected by its own ACL. This detachment of job and SAP security provides the ultimate in flexibility, you can grant someone the ability to execute a JAMS SAP job without needing to grant them access to the SAP server.


The JAMS SAP Extensions include a SAP Execution Method which connects to SAP and executes associated processes. The only difference between an SAP job and any other JAMS job is the Execution Method selected for the job. This means that you can use all of the features of JAMS with a SAP job. An SAP job can depend on a Windows job or vice versa. JAMS gives you full notification capabilities for failures, runaways, missed schedules etc. You can also create JAMS Setups which contain any mix of SAP, Windows, PowerShell, SQL or Unix jobs.


The JAMS SAP Extensions use the SAP .NET Connector to communicate with the SAP server. This architecture is both scalable and robust. A connection to the SAP server is only required when a job actually needs to execute. If the SAP server is unavailable when a job is scheduled to run, JAMS will retry until the server is available or trigger an alert. The JAMS SAP Extensions can be executed on multiple servers to provide scalability and redundancy.


SAP Functional

  • SAP ERP – Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Distribution, Production, Inventory, Warehousing, Quality and Customer Service

SAP NetWeaver

  • SAP NetWeaver landscape creation, configuration and maintenance
  • SAP XI based Integration
  • SAP BW design and development
  • SAP Portals design and development
  • SAP eSOA service development and consumption


  • RICEF. SAP Workflow. ALE IDOC / BAPI / RFC Integration
  • SmartForms. SAPscript. Adobe Forms
  • LSMW. eCATT scripts
  • Web enablement through ABAP WebDynpro and BSP

SAP Support

  • BASIS Activities, Landscape monitoring and management, CCMS
  • Transport Management, Security and Authorizations, Batch Job Management
  • Performance Monitoring, Tuning, Solution Manager based landscape optimization

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