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What is JAMS Job Scheduling Software?

JAMS is enterprise job scheduling software that automates IT processes, from simple batch processes to scripts to complex cross-platform workflows. JAMS integrates with various technologies throughout your enterprise to provide seamless, unattended job execution, allocating resources to run jobs in a sequence, at a specified time, or based on a trigger.


The JAMS Difference

JAMS job scheduler lets you define, manage, and monitor critical batch processes through one centralized console. From executing simple command lines to running multi-step tasks that leverage ERPs, databases, and BI tools – JAMS orchestrates your business’s entire schedule. And it’s easy to migrate tasks over from Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Agent, or Cron with built-in conversion utilities so you can keep jobs running without heavy lifting.

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Job Scheduling Native Integrations

Automate Job Scheduling on Any Platform with Native Integrations

You don’t have to use multiple disparate tools to accomplish your job scheduling needs. JAMS job scheduler can automate jobs on any platform: Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM i, zOS, and OpenVMS and includes native application integrations to run jobs on:

  • Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
  • BI tools: Informatica, Hadoop, SAS
  • ERP systems: PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP

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Gain Visibility into Every Job

JAMS job scheduling software provides confidence that the jobs you’ve automated can run reliably. Get peace of mind and visibility with:

  • Information alerts when jobs fail
  • Automatic job rerun before accepting a failure status
  • Job distribution to multiple resources to accommodate spikes in demand
  • Recovery jobs to mitigate common issues

Job Scheduling Visibility

Benefits of Job Scheduling Software

Benefits of Job Scheduling Software

JAMS helps IT support critical business processes and align with business objectives.

  • Minimize time spent on routine IT tasks
  • Improve SLAs
  • Reduce job failures
  • Codify critical workflows
  • Centralize oversight of critical batch processes
  • Analyze performance metrics
  • Enforce enterprise security
  • Reduce IT overhead

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