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Are Your Automated Workloads a Security Nightmare Waiting to Happen?

Hackers don’t discriminate. If they can’t impersonate a user to commit their acts, they could impersonate a job. That batch job you run every night at 2 AM with Task Scheduler or Cron? That one that has a plaintext password in the source code? Someone could wreak havoc if they had access to run that job on their terms. Even worse, they could steal credentials from that job and use them to access other systems!

How do you get the efficiency of workload automation without creating new security loopholes?

Join this webinar where our experts show you how to lock down critical batch processes and ensure that they can’t be executed or modified by the wrong people. You’ll learn how to:

  • Safely store the sensitive data (i.e. credentials, connection strings, and passwords) needed to execute jobs
  • Give specific limited rights to the users who create, schedule, and monitor critical workloads.
  • Leverage service accounts that grant access for specific tasks/process. (Eliminate the need for the “superadmin” role – a hacker’s dream!)
  • Consolidate job definitions in a secure repository rather than leaving them scattered across various servers, many of which lack enterprise security.

We look forward to seeing you on July 13th!


July 13th
1:30 PM AEST