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Getting Started with JAMS

Do you need an introduction to enterprise job scheduling and workload automation? The best way to learn is with JAMS. Join our technical team for a 30-minute training session to jump start your automation skills. From scheduling basic server tasks to building complex job chains across multiple systems, they’ve seen it all.

Learn how you can:

  • Unify jobs from multiple platforms and applications
  • Implement event-based scheduling to trigger jobs from files, emails, and more
  • Automatically identify and respond to jobs that could impact SLAs
  • Enhance your alerting, notification, and auditing abilities
  • Leverage job diagnostics to optimize performance
  • Manage your environment more efficiently with variables and parameters

Our webinar will help you master the basics of workload automation and learn new, innovative ways to manage scheduled jobs in your organization.

May 21st | 10:00AM CDT

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