Job and Workload Reports

Customize, Automate, and Distribute Reports Using JAMS

With JAMS, you can easily create detailed workload reports on any aspect of your automated workloads and batch processes. Deliver informative, easy-to-read content that turns jobs data into clear, concise snapshots for business users, operations teams, or management.


JAMS enables you to create or modify workload reports generated from your jobs or setups. With a large collection of settings and controls, you can define and customize any type of report—from the simple to the complex. Include everything from current and projected schedule to job history and auditor trail to job statistics, including jobs per user or jobs per node.

An example of a Weekly Run Report is shown above. This report provides an overview of jobs successfully completed and any jobs that have experienced warnings. This report shows final status, job name, scheduled time, and start and completion time, making it easy for users to view the jobs run between a specific timeframe.

JAMS includes a collection of reports ready to be used right out of the box. Choose from dozens of pre-configured templates or design your own.

  • Detailed Job Report: A visual workload report that provides all relevant information on a job
  • Jobs Submitted Report: Contains data and information that demonstrates where jobs are originating from
  • Current Schedule Report: Displays job name, description, current state, and schedule time of all jobs within a time window you define
  • Completion Status Per Day Chart: Shows the final severity of the total jobs run within a time window

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See How to Run and Modify Workload Reports in JAMS

Check out this two-part video to learn how you can submit an existing report using JAMS and modify a workload report by tapping into the powerful tools available in the JAMS Report Designer.

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