AWS Automation with JAMS

JAMS gives enterprises that leverage cloud computing a competitive advantage, by unifying the delivery of workload automation. By centralizing batch jobs with JAMS, IT Operations teams open an organization’s ability to access the most efficient resources for their business processes – the right resources for the right tasks. JAMS eliminates the friction associated with workloads that cross into the cloud and presents businesses with a single control center to deploy and monitor critical processes.

Architect Cloud Automation

Read the AWS Architecture Overview to learn how VPCs, ASGs, CloudFormation Templates, and Security Groups provide the perfect solution to a fault-tolerant, secure cloud automation environment.

Deploy JAMS Databases in RDS

Satisfy your organization’s need for a PaaS database. Get our full instructions for Installing JAMS against Amazon RDS.

Looking for IaaS deployment? JAMS features seamless installation on your EC2 instances. Start with our Installation Guide.

JAMS Workload Automation in AWS Cloud Architecture

JAMS in the AWS Marketplace

Add Workload Automation directly to your Amazon Web Services environment today.

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Eliminate Manual S3 Processes

JAMS offers Native Activities to manipulate S3 files without the need to write any scripts. Automate your Windows and Linux backups, move objects between buckets, and even create fill-in-the-blank object transfer forms for end-users.

S3 Automation

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