UNIX & Linux Job Scheduler

JAMS centralizes the management of Linux and UNIX batch processes in a single, easy-to-use interface. Its comprehensive job scheduling and workload automation features lower the costs of service delivery, even when organizations employ a diverse mix of Linux and UNIX distros.

Advantages of JAMS as a Linux Batch Job Scheduler

Organizations that leverage JAMS automation with Linux and UNIX platforms and applications gain advantages such as:

  • Reduced Security Risk – A central command center eliminates unnecessary administrative logins.
  • Rapid Automation – A unified language for automation means less time and money spent on single-purpose scheduling tools.
  • Shorter Resolution Times – Even with jobs running across hundreds of Linux and UNIX servers, JAMS users can pinpoint issues at their source and resolve them quickly.
  • Improved Visibility – A single pane of glass shows you the big picture of your entire IT environment.
  • Scalability – JAMS easily scales with you as you grow so no matter how many Cron jobs you have, you can manage and orchestrate them along with other cross-platform jobs with ease.
  • Flexibility – Bring event-based scheduling and triggers to your Cron jobs to schedule more complex patterns and dynamic intervals that fit how you want your jobs to run.


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Why It’s Time to Move on from Cron

Feeling the limitations of Cron? If you’re spending too much time working with Cron’s notoriously cryptic syntax, growing frustrated manually building and editing error-prone crontabs, or needing more cross-platform, event-driven scheduling capabilities, it’s time to make a switch to the best Linux job scheduler.

  • Limited Scheduling Options: Cron lacks the ability to create down-to-the-minute scheduling that isn’t sufficient for more high-frequency jobs.
  • Time Zone Challenges: Modern businesses work beyond time zones. And unfortunately, Cron jobs are dependent on the time zone of the system they’re configured on.
  • No Dependency Management: With no built-in dependency management, Cron jobs struggle to handle tasks that run sequentially or based on certain event-based triggers.
  • Lack of Visibility: Cron lacks built-in monitoring and notifications so if a job fails, you’ll have to figure out how and where on your own.
  • Single Execution Instance: Since Cron jobs run independently and can’t handle overlapping instances, jobs that take longer to execute than scheduled can lead to potential conflicts.
  • Environment Assumptions: Since Cron jobs don’t have to run in the same environment as their user’s interactive shell, discrepancies can arise in environment variables or paths and cause issues with execution.
  • Security Risks: Without proper access controls, Cron jobs that require elevated privileges or interact with sensitive data can leave you exposed to security risks.

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Convert Effortlessly from Cron

JAMS includes a built-in conversion utility to migrate crontabs, including all their properties. Import jobs residing on any Linux or UNIX server and other Linux scheduled tasks throughout your network. Once converted to our Linux job scheduler software– a process that takes minutes – you can apply dozens of new properties to schedule and trigger jobs according to the unique requirements of your business.

How to Schedule a Linux Job in JAMS


Step 1: Create an Agent Definition

There are three types of agent definitions you can create for your Linux/UNIX servers:

  • Linux Outgoing
  • Linux SSH Agent X
  • Linux SSH

Step 2: Test the Connection

Use the PowerShell test-netconnection cmdlet and specifying the server IP or DNS name and port 77.

Step 3: Create a Linux/UNIX Job

JAMS makes creating a Linux job easy. Simply click the plus in Definitions to open the Add New JAMS Job Definition wizard.

Go Beyond Linux and UNIX Job Scheduling to Build Enterprise Workflows

JAMS helps enterprises get the most out of technology investments, even when individual IT teams and business units employ a variety of distros and platforms for their critical processes. JAMS supports all available distros and makes Linux and UNIX batch processes accessible to powerful, multi-step workflows that can include jobs on Windows, i Series, z/OS as well as business applications.

The enterprise capabilities of JAMS provides a single pane of glass to see all the jobs and workflows running throughout your entire IT environment. And JAMS makes it easier to orchestrate cross-platform workflows with event-driven scheduling that lets you add triggers and dependencies to your automation to control your jobs the way you want to–not how the software dictates. Plus, troubleshooting is a breeze with built-in logging and alerts for success/failure notifications.

The product gives us an excellent idea of what is happening and when. We have much control over job scheduling, and the workflows work very well. We’ve also built a lot of complex processing in the workflows where we can configure tasks to run at certain times or only when specific conditions are met, such as if another job succeeds or builds a particular file.  – Scott B., via PeerSpot

Get Started with Unix and Linux Automation with a Free Trial of JAMS