.NET Job Scheduler

Organizations of all sizes have embraced .NET technologies to build mission-critical applications for internal requirements as well as for their external customers. As development efforts continue to expand and .NET Application Developers build more and more custom processes to help support and grow the organization, you need access to the best, most cost-effective developer tools. This is where JAMS will help.

Job Scheduling and Workload Automation Embedded in Custom Applications

JAMS is the only job scheduling solution engineered on the .NET framework. The JAMS .NET Class Library completely exposes every capability of JAMS to your applications. All JAMS automation capabilities are accessible to your custom applications without writing any additional code.


Application Developers build complex applications that will need to support large, distributed environments. If you spend countless hours building applications that do not scale, your organization is adding cost, risk, and latency to its development efforts.

JAMS is a robust solution that provides the tools your developers need to break a complex application into manageable units. By dividing a large, complex application into smaller, parallel units of work, you gain the ability to distribute the work across multi-core and virtual servers.

Automation of Business Applications

As application development efforts continue to expand, you may have discovered that your applications require a significant amount of manual intervention. In order to improve the flow of the application, JAMS introduces back-end processing and control.

The last thing a user should see is a dialog that says “Please wait, processing”. If you have any lengthy processing, it should be spun off into JAMS. Even if your processing isn’t long, you should consider breaking it out and letting JAMS manage it so that it’s easy to automate and monitor.

JAMS provides a reliable, seamless solution for both repeatable and event-driven business processes. Your developers can use the intuitive GUI of JAMS or simply access the JAMS controls through the JAMS .NET Class Library.

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