Fortra's JAMS | IT Job Scheduler and Workload Automation Solution

End to End Workload Automation for Your Organization

JAMS is a centralized workload automation and job scheduling solution that runs, monitors, and manages jobs and workflows that support critical business processes.

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Why JAMS for Your Organization?

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Code Driven

Automation for highly skilled DevOps teams.

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Automate across all platforms, APIs, and scripting languages.

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Customer Centric

Aggressively updated solutions backed by a responsive support team.

JAMS solves your biggest job scheduling headaches as it helps your organization:

  • Orchestrate Workflows

    Get more value out of your existing technology platforms and business applications by orchestrating jobs under a single pane of glass for easy monitoring and management—with no limits.

  • Save Time with Alerts & Notifications

    Respond to issues and failures faster—and with better insights—to save time searching for unknowns. JAMS warns you whenever a job is having trouble, so you can address issues before they impact your business.

  • Gain Flexibility

    JAMS works with your schedule and your dependencies—not the other way around. Run your environment on your terms with event-based scheduling that uses triggers and dependencies to kick off jobs.

  • Achieve Scalability

    JAMS grows as you grow with a truly scalable platform that runs jobs under fair, flexible licensing. Put agents on whatever servers and environments you need to easily scale up or down to meet requirements.

  • Get Insights

    Automatically generate reports to easily gather information and trends about your job schedule to determine growth, facilitate KPI tracking, and optimize performance.

  • Improve Process Management

    Advanced security and auditing capabilities give you full control over who can access, create, and modify jobs. Easily delegate job submissions to non-technical users with permission settings. Plus, full logging to stay compliant and beat SLAs.

Making IT Lives


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Key Features of JAMS


The Platform

  • Reliably orchestrate the critical IT processes that run your business
  • Get comprehensive workload automation and enterprise job scheduling in one solution
  • Manage, execute, and monitor jobs—regardless of platform or application— a centralized console
Integration API

Integrations + API

  • Job scheduling for your many business technologies and scripts ERP to CRM, SQL to Python, and more
  • REST API provides a comprehensive set of endpoints to relay information to and from JAMS
  • .NET API creates custom integrations with other systems for limitless automation


  • JAMS leverages PowerShell unlike any other job scheduling vendor—we’re both engineered on the .NET framework
  • The JAMS PowerShell module provides 50+ cmdlets
  • Quickly manage, maintain, and administer JAMS as a native extension to PowerShell
New relational Job Diagram

Relational Job Diagram

  • See a dynamic view of your entire IT ecosystem through a graphical representation
  • Get more visibility into your job and workflow relationships, triggers, dependencies, and much more
  • Interact with all your submissions as they progress through their execution lifecycle


How many users can utilize JAMS?
The JAMS Client provides users with four distinctly different interfaces that can be installed anywhere they are needed without incurring license fees. Learn more about the JAMS architecture
All objects within JAMS are stored in a Microsoft SQL Database backend. This database feeds the historical reporting, graphical dashboards, and audit trail available for all of the various objects in JAMS.
Yes! JAMS can orchestrate and centralize jobs across your entire IT environment. Our conversion utility pulls the core properties from existing scheduling tools directly into JAMS for a quick, efficient, and painless transition. Learn More
JAMS can run on any Windows server deployed in the cloud—like AWS and Azure—or locally. JAMS is not a SaaS solution.
Yes, the JAMS REST API supports calls from any platform and is entirely independent of the scripting or coding language. And for .NET developers, we offer a dedicated .NET API.
IT pros choose JAMS when they’re looking to modernize their automation with more power and extensibility. Plus, our straightforward pricing makes it easier to scale automation across the enterprise. And we take pride in our customer support which is second-to-none. Want to know more? See for yourself why our users love us and read our reviews on G2, PeerSpot, and Trust Radius.
Yes, we offer automation training and professional development courses through JAMS University. Learn the skills needed to orchestrate your schedule across multiple platforms and applications.
Yes, we have professional services available to help you achieve your business goals, big or small. And our migration packages aim to provide a painless conversion to JAMS.


JAMS give you more than just software—our team is your trusted partner in your automation journey. From opportunities to expand your knowledge to our community of peers and experts to our world-class support team, our goal is to set you up for true success.

A Key Part of Fortra

JAMS is proud to be part of Fortra's comprehensive portfolio. Fortra simplifies today’s complex business landscape by bringing complementary products together to solve problems in innovative ways. These integrated, scalable solutions address the many challenges you face in streamlining your operations. With the help of JAMS workload automation and other solutions, Fortra is your relentless ally, here for you every step of the way on your automation journey.

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