Workload Automation

Beyond Job Scheduling

What is JAMS Workload Automation?

JAMS is a centralized workload automation (WLA) solution that runs, monitors, and manages jobs and workflows that support critical business processes. WLA software saves enterprises time and money, reduces risk, helps meet compliance requirements, and maximizes the value of applications and platforms.

Automation is essential to ensuring that jobs execute reliably and securely throughout an organization’s entire environment – whether those jobs run on-premises, on cloud resources, or in multi-step workflows that interact with different technologies. JAMS provides enterprise features to define, trigger, monitor, and audit jobs for their entire lifecycle. And its integrations give you centralized control, without the need for specialized scheduling knowledge on each platform your business uses.

Why Choose JAMS for Workload Automation?

JAMS is world-class workload automation software trusted by 1,000 customers across various industries. Named a Leader by G2, JAMS customers love:

  • The flexibility—JAMS can meet the needs of any enterprise and can be used differently as business needs change
  • The dependability—JAMS is reliable and robust, with alerting when a workflow fails for quick remediation
  • The support—If you need help, JAMS support engineers are second-to-none

One Workload Automation Solution for Every Job

You no longer need to accept a loosely connected set of scheduling tools and scripts to orchestrate critical business workloads.
JAMS Workload Automation provides a single set of tools that can be applied to every job. JAMS has the flexibility to automate:

  • Scripts
  • ERP processes
  • ETL
  • File Transfers
  • Business Intelligence

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Streamline ERP Process Automation with JAMS

Reliably schedule, run, and monitor jobs with workload automation solutions from JAMS

Run Jobs Reliably

Gain the confidence that jobs you’ve automated don’t just break down every time there’s an issue in your environment.

  • Get and send information alerts when jobs fail
  • Automatically fail over to another scheduler in the event of an outage
  • Rerun jobs automatically before accepting a failure status
  • Distribute jobs to multiple resources to accommodate spikes in demand
  • Run recovery jobs to mitigate common issues

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Enforce Enterprise Security

JAMS Workload Automation lets users create and execute powerful jobs without the need to elevate privileges beyond their role in enterprise automation. Credentials needed to execute jobs can easily be separated from the credentials needed to schedule and edit jobs. These clear security roles enable you to give “just right” access to all the members of your automation team, onboard and offboard users properly, and demonstrate that your automation practices align with company policies and regulatory requirements.

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Enterprise WLA Security Enforcement

Workload Automation Use Cases

Every JAMS customer has a slightly different workload automation use case, which highlights the flexibility of the solution. There are so many different ways to use workload automation software, but these are some of the most popular use cases:

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Combine multiple jobs & integrations into enterprise WLA workflows

Combine Multiple Jobs into Enterprise Workload Automation Workflows

Run jobs in series or in parallel

Repeat the same job with a series of input variables

Pause midstream to wait for user input

Include if/then logic

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