Workload Automation

Beyond Job Scheduling

Easy to Implement.
Packed with Advanced Features.

Today’s workload is known. Tomorrow’s workload is unpredictable. Will you need to check a variable before running one? Will your workload depend on the success of another job?

JAMS includes a wealth of native features to accommodate many methods for automating a workload such as schedules, triggers, and dependencies.

JAMS Job Properties

Get a comprehensive workload automation solution that helps you run critical processes across multiple applications and platforms.


You define the standards – single units of work that you can reliably deploy time and time again. Consolidated monitors give your team full visibility into the status of each workload.

“Who ran the job?”

“Did the job start on time?”

“How many times has this job failed in the last 7 days?”

Meet Business Requirements

  • Reduce or eliminate manual processes
  • Monitor every workload from a single management console
  • Receive immediate notifications of job failure
  • Maintain enterprise security on batch processes

Streamline multi-step, multi-job, workflows.

Slow, stalled, and otherwise incomplete workloads result in lost productivity and lost revenue. JAMS keeps complex workloads on track by monitoring inputs, deploying subtasks, timing job steps, and logging every detail. As a result, business users get the information they need quickly and reliably. No surprises.

What Our Customers Say


“We have fully incorporated JAMS into our new cloud based infrastructure. JAMS has given us a reliable automation tool as well as an administration tool which has eliminated manual errors. Mundane repetitive tasks are now standard setups in JAMS which give a 100% accuracy rate on tasks.”

– Victoria Department of Environmental Land Water & Planning


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