SQL Scheduler

Automate SQL Server Database Processes with JAMS SQL Integration

JAMS brings automation and order to repetitive SQL jobs. JAMS SQL Scheduler helps data-driven organizations use SQL to its full potential without costly investments in database management tools and personnel. DBAs who employ centralized workload automation with JAMS are able to:

  • Schedule, audit, and analyze job activity across every SQL server
  • Provide self-serve access for specific SQL jobs, to specific business users
  • Comply quickly with audits and regulatory requirements
  • Notify and be notified when critical SQL processes face delays or issues
  • Include Microsoft SQL Server jobs in your production job stream

SQL Scheduler

Reap the Benefits of an Integrated Microsoft Server Job Scheduler

Here are some of the many benefits to integrating the SQL Server job scheduler into JAMS:

  • Enable cross-platform, event-driven scheduling by executing a SQL Server job on a Windows platform that can trigger a job to begin on another
  • React to events external to SQL server, such as file arrivals or changes, processes starting or ending, and SNMP traps
  • Check for conditions which must be met before a job executes, such as the availability of a SQL Server
  • Direct scheduling or your SSIS packages
  • Free up your Database Administrators for more complex tasks by moving the scheduling of SQL Server jobs to the Operations or a Production Control area
  • Assign scheduling exceptions, such as run time range and non-working days, to a job’s regular schedule
  • Meet Service Level Agreements with monitors for job underruns, overruns, and late starts
  • Access job logs and audit histories for troubleshooting
  • Receive immediate email or text message notification if a SQL Server job fails, runs longer than normal, or is late to start so that you can fix the error quickly
  • Use JAMS’s scheduling capabilities to set up and schedule a single SQL Server job that runs on multiple servers, simplifying and streamlining the scheduling process.

Convert SQL Jobs with Ease

JAMS includes native utilities to migrate and organize SQL Agent jobs regardless of the number of jobs, servers or SQL versions you employ. Once converted – a process that takes seconds per job – you can apply dozens of new properties to schedule and trigger jobs according to the unique requirements of your enterprise.

Drive Business Risks Out of the Datacenter

JAMS security helps highly regulated businesses close off workaround routes that many applications use to access SQL data. JAMS automation focuses on requirements that are common to all enterprise platforms and applications: security, version control, auditability and usability. Leveraging JAMS ensures that batch automation is aligned with the same standards you established when you implemented SQL Server.

Southwest Power Pool logo

JAMS Automation as Frequent as Every 4 Seconds: Southwest Power Pool

Southwest Power Pool took advantage of the ability to run any kind of script in JAMS. They leveraged JAMS to run their batch scripts, SQL SSIS packages, PowerShell scripts and C# code all within the larger context of their enterprise workflows.

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Fresh Retail Data, Fast Retail Decisions – JAMS Automation at SharkNinja

Uptime and on-time refreshes are critical for companies moving at the speed of retail business. When Windows Task Scheduler could no longer keep up, SharkNinja knew it was time to implement workload automation software. The requirements were simple – rapid implementation, and a robust out-of-the-box feature set.

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UVA Health Cures SQL Agent Ailments with JAMS

Hosting critical applications and business processes on multiple platforms had created a variety of pressure points for UVA Health’s workload automation tools. Failures and delays caused by the shortcomings of these tools were unacceptable.