An SSIS Scheduling and Automation Solution

Automate and monitor SQL Server Integration Services for streamlined ETL processing.

JAMS offers a unique set of tools to schedule and automate SSIS packages. The SSIS Execution method lets DBAs take a structured approach to deploying packages on any cycle required by their business model.

SSIS packages managed and run with JAMS gain significant operational benefits:

  • Leverage centrally defined values, such as connection strings and user accounts
  • Self-service allows non-admins to run packages without administrative access
  • Execution statistics are consolidated, making audit reports easy to generate
  • Packages can be organized into batch queues to prevent excessive resource consumption or database locks

SSIS Package in JAMS

Streamline Job Steps

Organize every step related to your SSIS packages. Group steps such as secure file transfers, queries, file checks, and database connections into a unified workflow that aligns with your business process. JAMS Sequences enable you to add complex logic and alerts throughout your workflows.

secure file transfer in JAMS


Monitor Critical SSIS Jobs from Start to Finish

Get real-time status reporting on all your SSIS packages from a single console. Start time, elapsed time, dependency states, and dozens of other are clearly displayed so that you can respond and resolve within minutes.

JAMS Databases in PaaS

More than just SSIS

Explore the full suite of SQL Server scheduling and automation tools included in JAMS.

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