Consulting & Implementation Services

Our Services Group offers both on-site and remote training, conversion and migration assistance to customers worldwide. JAMS engineers will assist your teams with every aspect of automation, from basic implementations to custom integration with your in-house applications. JAMS services engagements are available throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

The Field Services Group offers the following in any combination:

Classroom Training

A complete walk-through of every aspect of JAMS, along with focused training related to your most critical batch processes and workflows.

Advisory Services

We’ll help you leverage JAMS automation for your organization’s custom applications.

Conversion Services

Our engineers will help you capitalize on the work your organization put into legacy schedulers or native scheduling tools (e.g. SQL Server Agent, Cron) and streamline your conversion process so that you are up and running with JAMS in short order.

On-Site Onboarding

Need assistance installing, configuring and testing your first set of jobs? We’ll help you apply best practices to onboarding and quickly transition your organization to centralized automation.

Automation Solution Design

Work directly with senior engineers to establish protocols, security settings, naming conventions, failover procedures and development lifecycles that adhere to your business goals and requirements.


Looking to get every bit of power out of JAMS? We’ll review your jobs and business processes and teach you techniques to optimize JAMS for your servers and applications.

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