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SAP Background Job Scheduling Guide

You’re not limited to the Computing Center Management System (CCMS). In fact, SAP provides an interface specifically designed to integrate with a centralized workload automation solution. In this guide, you’ll learn how to overcome the limits of the CCMS and how to align SAP tasks with the unique scheduling requirements of your business. The guide...

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Job Scheduling Checklist

Take a careful look at your native schedulers, proprietary automation tools, and homegrown scheduling scripts. Find out whether they’re creating real value for the business or whether they’re falling short. Can my scheduler scale to meet the growing number of jobs and platforms we use? What job details will I be able to produce if...

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Workload Automation Buyer’s Guide

We know finding the right workload automation solution for your organization isn’t an easy process. There are dozens of details to consider, from 3rd party integrations, to job monitoring and security concerns, that can make choosing a vendor complex. In this ultimate buyer’s guide, you’ll find the information you need to successfully evaluate different workload...

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