Time to Move On from Your Legacy Scheduler?



Feeling the limitations of your legacy scheduler? Struggling to keep up with the dynamic nature of your automation environment? Not getting the product support you need? The first step is admitting it’s time for a change. But the next move can feel like a giant leap—migrating all the batch processes, jobs, and workflows that keep your business running. With JAMS, you get a flexible and straightforward solution that lets you break free from your complicated and costly legacy scheduler.

We Can Help You Migrate from Your Legacy Scheduler to JAMS

Benefits of Migrating to JAMS


Rapid Migration and Onboarding

Rapid Migration and Onboarding
Make the transition to JAMS quickly and efficiently. Proven services and utilities make it easy to regain control of your existing jobs defined in your legacy scheduler, migrate them, and start seeing an immediate return on investment.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Reduce maintenance costs with easy-to-understand licensing options that are aligned with the batch jobs you need to run and the business applications you need to automate.

Simplified Administration

Simplified Administration
Reduce reliance on single-product specialists and make powerful workload automation accessible—and manageable—for your entire IT team across any platform from Windows to Linux and more.

All the Right Features

All the Right Features
Breathe new life into critical business processes with a complete set of tools right out of the box—job monitoring, alerting, workflow design, auditing, and reporting.

Modernized Approach

Modernized Approach
Maintaining an outdated version of your legacy scheduler may actually cost more over the short- and long-term. Ensure you are keeping up with the changing IT landscape and modernizing your approach.

Cloud Requirements & Support

Cloud Requirements & Support
As organizations move to cloud and hybrid environments, cloud support should be clearly defined. Make sure cloud readiness is part of your vendor support strategy as it is with JAMS.

JAMS Conversion Utility

Our goal is to make your transition to JAMS quick, efficient, and painless. Our utility can pull the core properties—schedule, exceptions, credentials, and job source—from popular scheduling tools directly into JAMS. The conversion utility, along with our migration services, help you get up and running quickly to start seeing an immediate return on investment.

Complexities in your workflows? No problem!

Some properties like complex dependencies can be difficult to automatically map, especially if you’ve implemented workarounds in your tool. Our utility identifies these exceptions so they can be addressed separately, helping you regain control of your jobs so you can automate smarter.

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You’re in Good Company When You Make the Switch to JAMS

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6 Steps to a Successful Migration

What does it take to make the transition to the world-class JAMS solution? Migrating from Control-M, ActiveBatch, Autosys, or other legacy scheduler can be categorized in six high-level steps. With expertise and experience helping leading organizations make the conversion effortlessly, our promise is to guide you each step of the way.

Define Conversion Scope

1.  Define Conversion Scope
Identify and clearly define project scale.

Evaluate & Analyze Resources

2. Evaluate & Analyze Resources
Outline change process and identify available resources.

Design Migration & Testing

3. Design Migration & Testing
Plan extraction and test implementation with specific migration criteria.

Transition & Implementation

4. Transition & Implementation
Implement and finalize job definitions and workload transitions.

5. Certification & Validation

5. Certification & Validation
All defined and transitioned jobs and schedules are certified and ready for execution.

Execution & Go-Live

6. Execution & Go-Live
Legacy scheduler is replaced by JAMS solution with seamless transition.

“I didn’t have to wait ‘til the next day to get a reply or something taken care of. Everything was flowing very easily and very quickly back and forth. I got the impression that the JAMS team was actually enjoying the migration.”

– Infrastructure Analyst, Maritz, Inc.

Your Partner for a Painless Migration

With so many essential business operations at stake, it may seem overwhelming and downright scary to move from one solution to another. Switching from Control-M or another legacy scheduler is painless with JAMS—we’re here for you every step of the way.

Migrating to JAMS is easier, more common, and more predictable than you might think. No long consulting gigs here. Just a streamlined, straightforward plan to get you where you need to go. We offer conversion utilities that make it easy for organizations to migrate batch processes and workflows out of their existing system and into JAMS without having to start from scratch. We use a proven repeatable methodology to convert scheduling processes into JAMS and help you itemize and prioritize the scheduling features you actually use.

We’re here to offer as much help as you need to convert from your legacy scheduler. Here is how we categorize our three conversion packages:

JAMS Migration Packages

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