JAMS Job Scheduling Architecture

Clients, Scheduler, and Agents

Simply put, the JAMS architecture gives operators everything they need to keep their jobs and automation running smoothly. The JAMS job scheduling architecture consists of three main elements—the clients, the engine, and the agents. And all JAMS objects are stored in a Microsoft SQL Database backend that feeds the historical reporting, graphical dashboards, and audit trail.

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JAMS Clients

JAMS Clients are the control centers for JAMS. JAMS Clients provide the user interface into JAMS in four distinctly different interfaces:

  • The Desktop Client is a graphical user interface with streamlined controls and dynamic highlights.
  • The Web Client mirrors the features and functionality available in the Desktop Client while giving users access to JAMS from any device or location—with no installation required.
  • A rich PowerShell module for power users and scripts—with over 80 JAMS-specific PowerShell cmdlets to offer the same extensibility through the GUI
  • A complete .NET Class Library for easy integration into your applications, as well as a REST API to support calls from any platform

The JAMS Clients can be installed anywhere they are needed without incurring license fees.

JAMS Scheduling Engines

The JAMS Scheduler is the heart of JAMS. This is where the schedule for your jobs is managed, where dependencies are checked, where load balancing occurs, and where notifications are sent from. The JAMS Scheduler is responsible for the management of all scheduling activities, such as:

  • Automating even the most complex batch processing across your enterprise.
  • Dynamically allocating resources so that processes run as efficiently as possible.
  • Identifying and resolving job and file dependency issues across multiple servers.
  • Keeping critical jobs running reliably through high availability and failover add-ons.
  • Supporting multi-tenant and clustered configurations
  • Running jobs locally if no Agents are available

JAMS Agents

Agents are the servers where jobs run, however in many cases, there is no “agent” software to be installed. JAMS Agents are available for a wide range of platforms, including WindowsUNIXLinux, OpenVMS, IBM i, and MVS, as well as virtual machine and cloud hosting. Agents are responsible for the following—all in real time:

  • Executing and monitoring jobs
  • Capturing log information and statistics
  • Reporting back to the scheduling engine

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