SAS Automation with JAMS

JAMS provides the SAS system with a complete batch automation framework. This ensures the analysis provided by SAS is delivered in a timely fashion, and allows SAS users to seamlessly integrate SAS with other mission critical processes. JAMS reduces the need for specific SAS expertise by automating SAS operations. This allows non-SAS users to query SAS statistics without requiring specific SAS knowledge.

Strategic SAS Integration

Read how JAMS integrates with SAS to streamline Data Warehouse Loads and manage SAS workflows from start to finish.

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SAS Execution Window

Multiple SAS Methods

  • Process SAS executables, using the Command Execution Method
  • Create SAS execution methods with the SAS program stored in the job definition

Superior Parameter Handling

Leverage robust parameter handling capabilities by hosting SAS programs in JAMS jobs. Parameters on the job are passed directly into the SAS program source, giving you simple and straightforward SAS automation that even non-SAS users will be confident running.

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