What Types of Solutions Does JAMS Offer for the Enterprise? 

Fortra’s JAMS provides solutions that simplify complex IT processes to help users centralize and streamline operations. JAMS consists of 3 key solutions for orchestrating cross-platform IT processes and achieve end-to-end automation: 


What Types of Industries Can JAMS Help? 

JAMS solutions bring end-to-end enterprise workload automation to all kinds of industries and departments. Our code-driven automation is designed to conform to your unique rules and specifications—not the other way around. Giving your business full control of your IT processes. Here are just some of the areas where JAMS shines: 

Where Can JAMS Solutions Help? 

The solutions offered by JAMS are powerful enough to execute jobs on all kinds of platforms and applications—no matter your use case. Here are just a few of the areas where JAMS can save you countless hours of manual processing and reduce your overhead. 

> DevOps
Through code and rapid integration, JAMS acts as a single source of truth for all things automation. 

> Application Deployment
With a single, centralized set of jobs, you can repeatedly build, deploy, and distribute your applications. 

> Job Management
Consolidate batch processes and automated workflows to optimize and secure jobs. 

> Software Development
Easily automate software build life cycles for on-premise and cloud applications. 

What Can JAMS Solutions Do for Your Business? 

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