Achieve eCommerce Automation with Ecometry

The Ecometry suite is the solution of choice for a wide range of organizations in the eCommerce industry – from hot start-ups processing a few hundred orders a day, to the titans of the direct marketing world processing 200,000+ orders daily. Ecometry handles everything from order capture to pick-pack-ship, relying on batch files for back-end processing. JAMS keeps Ecometry and the business moving at the speed of eCommerce, removing the need for manual processing while adding cross-platform integration and robust parameter options.

Why do Ecometry customers rely on JAMS?

  • JAMS easily converts Ecometry jobs from Windows Task Scheduler and Cron and provides a single, unified console for easy management and administration.
  • JAMS provides enterprise features like event-based scheduling and integrated FTP/SFTP support. Components that are essential for successful order processing.
  • JAMS has a built-in reporting engine and eliminates the need to manually build end-of-month reports.
  • JAMS provides bullet-proof security. JAMS removes the need to give a user the “keys to the castle” when they need a process to run
  • JAMS recovery capabilities allow on-call personnel to be notified via SMS and text alerts when jobs fail and gives the option to be re-submit jobs remotely.


Case Studies

Shar Music Enhances Ecometry Retail Application with JAMS

Shar was relying on Windows Task Scheduler and/or manual intervention to run their critical processes. Manually streaming these processes was a very labor intensive and error prone process, especially at month-end.

The Automation Center of Excellence: JAMS and GoAnywhere at DXLG

Destination XL Group, Inc. (DXLG) is a long-time Ecometry (JDA Direct Commerce) user. When Ecometry dropped HP 3000 support in favor of Windows, DXLG needed to find a job scheduler that could mirror current processing and boast a robust feature set to grow with the company.

Automate More than Just Ecometry

JAMS connects Ecometry to your entire IT infrastructure in a single, centralized automation solution that integrates with multiple platforms and processes.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • AWS
  • VMWare
  • Azure

  • Oracle
  • Crystal Reports
  • File Transfers
  • Custom Applications
  • SAP
  • IBM Cognos


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