DevOps Automation

DevOps automation has quickly grown and transformed job scheduling. However, with so many DevOps automation tools and practices out there, it’s a chaotic landscape. Bring sanity to DevOps with JAMS.


DevOps Automation Code

Through code and rapid integration, JAMS can act as a single source of truth for all things automation. Whether interfacing with .NET or Java applications, Python scripts, or web APIs, JAMS can act as your automation bus for them all, replacing your need to maintain multiple message queues, or separate automation environments to review. With built in source control and versioning, and support for multiple environments, your jobs and source can flow through the development pipeline from Development, to Test, QA and finally into Production, giving your development team the peace of mind they need.

Developer Code on JAMS

React to Conditions

DevOps automation is all about efficiency. Through event-driven triggers, JAMS seamlessly and instantly reacts to conditions and events, rather than scheduling for what may not come.

Stay Organized

With the ever-growing complexity of the DevOps landscape, JAMS can bring organization to your continuous delivery, big data, and other automation processes.

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