Easy Way to Convert Legacy Batch Processing | JAMS

Feeling stuck with your legacy scheduler? The first step is admitting it’s not worth the time you spend maintaining it. But the next move can feel like a giant leap—migrating the thousands of batch processes, jobs, and workflows that keep your business running to a modern job scheduling solution.

With the JAMS conversion utility, you don’t have to feel locked into your current scheduler. Whether you’re switching from a legacy commercial scheduler or native OS scheduler, JAMS makes it easy to move on:

Your Partner for a Painless Migration

Our goal is to make your transition to JAMS workload automation quick, efficient, and painless. Our utility can pull the core properties—schedule, exceptions, credentials, and job source—from popular legacy scheduling tools directly into JAMS. The conversion utility along with our migration services help you get up and running quickly to start seeing an immediate return on investment.

Complexities in Your Workflows? No Problem!

Some properties like complex dependencies can be difficult to automatically map, especially if you’ve implemented workarounds in your legacy tool. Our utility identifies these exceptions so they can be addressed separately, helping you regain control of your jobs so you can automate smarter.

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