JAMS Architecture

Client Interfaces, Schedulers, and Agents

JAMS Architecture Diagram

JAMS Clients

JAMS Clients provide the user interface into JAMS in four distinctly different interfaces:

  • A rich PowerShell module for power users and scripts.
  • An Outlook-like administrative GUI provides an intuitive, easy to learn interface.
  • A Web Browser interface in the form of a JAMS Sample Web Site.
  • A complete .NET Class Library for easy integration into your applications.

The JAMS Clients can be installed anywhere they are needed without incurring license fees

JAMS Scheduling Engines

The JAMS Scheduler is the heart of JAMS and is responsible for the management of all scheduling activities, such as:

  • Automating even the most complex batch processing across the enterprise.
  • Dynamically allocating resources across the enterprise so that processes run as efficiently as possible.
  • Identifying and resolving job and file dependency issues across multiple servers.

JAMS Agents

A JAMS Scheduler can run jobs on the machine or cluster where the JAMS Scheduler is installed and it can also administer and run jobs on remote servers. These remote servers are referred to as JAMS Agents, even though in many cases, there is no “agent” software to be installed. JAMS Agents are available for a wide range of platforms, including WindowsUNIXLinux,OpenVMS, System i, and MVS.

Want more? Watch the JAMS Architecture Video (2:04).

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