PowerShell Automation

JAMS Scheduler is proud to offer robust automation for Windows PowerShell, the command line and scripting language developed by Microsoft to help administrators work more efficiently with applications running on the Windows platform.

PowerShell automation JAMS cmdlets
50+ Clearly Defined PowerShell Automation cmdlets

Why Choose JAMS as a PowerShell Scheduler

JAMS is the ideal PowerShell automation solution for administrators and application developers in need of a .NET job scheduler that will easily and rapidly integrate batch processing into PowerShell scripts or use PowerShell scripts to manage their batch processing.

JAMS leverages PowerShell unlike any other job scheduling vendor due to the fact that JAMS is the only job scheduler engineered on the .NET framework.

  • JAMS includes a custom PowerShell host that it uses when executing PowerShell scripts. This provides better error control, improved parameter passing, host to script communication and detached UI capabilities.
  • JAMS includes a PowerShell module that contains over 50 JAMS specific cmdlets which make it easy to manage, manipulate and control JAMS using PowerShell. And our cmdlets follow all PowerShell naming and usage guidelines and make full use of the object pipeline.
  • The JAMS module also includes a PowerShell provider that exposes the JAMS object hierarchy. Moving and managing JAMS objects is as easy as moving and managing files.

JAMS users can find information about getting started with the JAMS PowerShell module here.

PowerShell ISE

PowerShell ISE can be launched from the JAMS source code editor. PowerShell ISE offers a rich environment for editing PowerShell scripts. This means that JAMS users can take advantage of autocomplete and PowerShell help features when editing their PowerShell jobs. After changes have been saved, JAMS seamlessly loads the changes back into the source code editor. Integration with PowerShell ISE gives JAMS users access to more resources, and the ability to test their scripts while writing them, saving valuable time.

Additional information on JAMS PowerShell Support can be found on the JAMS Support Site.