Top 3 Reasons PowerShell Users Love JAMS

PowerShell Automation Microsoft PowerShell was created to simplify and automate Microsoft tasks by creating scripts and combining them with multiple commands. While this has helped cut down on some repetitive work, manually deploying PowerShell scripts can still be tedious. With a workload automation solution—like JAMS from Fortra—your PowerShell scripts can reach their full potential by bringing your back-office processes into day-to-day workflows. With JAMS as your PowerShell scheduler, enable your organization to leverage PowerShell scripts in the context of your whole enterprise. As you consider leveling up your automation, consider these top reasons why PowerShell users love JAMS:

1. JAMS is Engineered on the .NET Framework—Just Like PowerShell

JAMS and PowerShell go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here’s why: PowerShell was originally created on the .NET framework in order to provide automation and configuration management tools for Microsoft products. Likewise, JAMS is the only leading job scheduling solution on the market built on .NET—making it the ideal PowerShell automation solution. As a .NET job scheduler, JAMS allows administrators and application developers to easily integrate workload automation and batch processing into PowerShell scripts. Plus, it enables PowerShell scripts to manage your batch processing. Using JAMS and PowerShell together lets your organization easily and effectively schedule PowerShell scripts and maximize what PowerShell can do by creating a solution that is specifically tailored for your needs.

2. The JAMS PowerShell Module

Our users can easily and rapidly integrate batch processing into PowerShell scripts thanks to the JAMS PowerShell module. This module contains nearly 100 specific cmdlets that make it easy to manage, manipulate, and control JAMS using PowerShell. These cmdlets follow all PowerShell naming and usage guidelines and make full use of the object pipeline. The JAMS PowerShell module is included with the JAMS client GUI installation when the Windows operating system has PowerShell installed.
“If you know a little PowerShell, then JAMS is the tool to help you do all that you wanted against a lot of machines through the one GUI. The power of one template job that can be utilized by others with just parameters and variables provides satisfaction that this is the right tool.” – JAMS User in Financial Services
The JAMS PowerShell module also includes a tab completion feature that automatically fills in cmdlets, file names, variable names, and parameters. In addition, the JAMS module includes a provider where you can set up a PowerShell drive to connect to your JAMS installation, as if it were a mounted flat file system. The data that appears in a temporary drive for the session can be managed with built in or custom cmdlets—which is especially helpful when you need to synchronize both development and production environments. See the JAMS PowerShell Integration in Action >

3. JAMS Gives You Full Control Over PowerShell Automation

If you can script it, we can run it. Developers love JAMS because they like to control writing their own code, but having it managed and orchestrated by an application that they don’t need to worry about. With JAMS, you can focus on the actual programming in your PowerShell scripts and leave the enterprise automation to us. Defining and scheduling PowerShell jobs in a centralized automation solution like JAMS means that scripts run in the context of the entire business, not in isolation. They can be run automatically based on a time/date schedule, on a dependency, or on a combination of both—and you can set up retries, recovery jobs, and rules-based logic for self-healing PowerShell automation.
“Before JAMS, we had a hodgepodge of PowerShell scripts run by Windows Task Scheduler strewn across our environment. With JAMS, we were able to centralize our automation and maintenance tasks with built in success/failure notifications with logging.” – JAMS User in Capital Markets
JAMS helps you take your automation cross-platform. PowerShell is the easiest ways to implement REST API calls which allow you to communicate and interact with a variety of applications and platforms. They can also be linked dynamically to processes throughout your enterprise—whether those processes reside on other platforms or on applications, such as ERP systems, and BI tools.

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