Get a Dynamic View of Your Ecosystem with The Relational Job Diagram

It’s often difficult, if not impossible, to understand a job schedule by looking at individual tasks. To understand and explore a job schedule holistically, you need to view of the entire ecosystem, the relationships among jobs, the definitions and triggers from job to job, and the individual tasks.

The Relational Job Diagram in JAMS provides a clear, graphical view of the jobs running in your environment, showing their relationships, triggers, dependencies, and much more. Zoom in and out to see upstream and downstream job flow:

Easily Understand Workflows

Get an interactive diagram of an actively running sequence in the Monitor view, with color-coding to indicate in-progress jobs, completed jobs, and failed jobs. Click on a failed job to see the exception or failure message to better understand remediation steps.

Make Direct Edits

Using the Relational Job Diagram in Monitor view, you can see the details of a workflow, make any necessary edits, additions, or adjustments, then rerun the job quickly and easily. A historical view shows past jobs and actions.

Get a Graphical View of Your Workload With JAMS

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