Legacy Modernization

Your organization has made the critical decision to migrate critical business processes and applications off the mainframe and onto a distributed platform. Whether it was for technical or economical reasons, you now face the daunting task of ensuring that you have all of the same capabilities you had when working with JES and JCL.

What you will quickly discover is that Windows and Linux lack robust and flexible enterprise job scheduling capabilities. Windows Task Scheduler and Cron simply won’t cut it when you need to ensure mission critical processes execute on time and with reliability. JAMS brings mainframe-like scheduling capabilities to the distributed world but leaves behind the costs and complexities of mainframe software.


  • Provides robust mainframe-like scheduling similar to JCL, and JES2.
  • Monitors, manages, and triggers dependencies between mainframe and distributed platform processes. Complete audit trail documents the workflow.
  • Imports jobs directly into JAMS from various external sources.
  • Real-time status of all jobs from a centralized JAMS console.
  • Offers flexible calendaring options including JAMS ability to understand natural language date specifications.

Modernize JCL with .NET Framework Automation Capabilities

As you port your applications to .NET, JAMS will integrate seamlessly without requiring an expensive and time-consuming conversion of your existing code. Leveraging the .NET framework, JAMS enables you to maintain complex batch processes, with features such as triggers, dependencies, and load balancing in all your scheduled tasks. JAMS also provides comprehensive authentication support so that a user can run a job without having to grant that user Admin rights. Learn more about the automation features in JAMS.

The Exodus Project

Exodus Project

Read how the Ohio Department of Public Safety faced the challenges of legacy modernization and migrated to a distributed Windows platform and then standardized on JAMS for their enterprise scheduling requirements.

Read the report

Flexible Control from a Command Line AND a GUI

No longer are you tied to a legacy mainframe interface to create and maintain your business processes. If you still want to work from a command line, never fear – JAMS offers the industry’s most powerfulPowerShell Provider as well as more than 60 PowerShell cmdlets. At the same time, if you are looking to move to an easy-to-use GUI (pictured), JAMS offers ‘fill-in-the -blank’ parameters to walk you through setting up your schedule. JAMS leverages the skills already available in your IT department to build more powerful business applications.

To see how JAMS can help your legacy modernization initiative, download a free, fully-functioning trial version of JAMS.

Or contact us to learn more about using JAMS as part of your legacy modernization project.

Our Migration Partners

We have partnered with legacy modernization leaders GT Software and Micro Focus to assist companies with integrating centralized batch scheduling into a larger migration initiative. To learn more about our partners and the scheduling options available when converting from legacy systems, contact our migration services team.