File Transfer Automation

JAMS brings enterprise workflow control to each and every file transfer. The built-in FTP Execution Method ensures that critical file transfers are centrally defined, monitored, audited, and logged. Automate any standard file transfer protocol, including FTP, FTPS, SFTP, S3, and SCP.

Robust Features. Easy Setup.

Use JAMS File Transfers to leverage:

  • Notifications for failed, stalled, and hung file transfers
  • Dependency checking
  • Event triggers
  • Integration into multi-step, cross-platform and application workflows
  • Secure zip and unzip properties
  • Local file copies
  • Cleanup and delete after transfer
  • PGP encryption and decryption


Meet Business Requirements

JAMS file transfer supports both the technical requirements of IT operations and the business requirements of the enterprise. Its centralized architecture:

  • Reduces the risks and costs associated with managing multiple file transfer clients
  • Maintains a single source for security settings and user roles
  • Meets regulatory requirements by capturing and retaining log information
  • Increases resiliency by supporting automated reconnect and retry
  • Provides comprehensive alerting if the destination server is unreachable, or if files are not yet available

Intuitive Interface & Modular Job Definitions

Streamlined views of FTP job definitions help you build reliable, efficient, and secure processes. Once defined, your FTP jobs can be used and reused throughout enterprise workflows. Plus, the modular structure of JAMS file transfers lets you take advantage of template-driven automation, through the addition of variables and wildcards.

FTP Job Source

File Transfer Workflow

Advanced Processes

Leveraging Sequences makes it easier than ever to create robust FTP processes in JAMS. Easily link an SFTP download and an upload to Amazon S3 with additional processing, taking the complex logic out of your scripts, and into a visual Workflow environment.

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