Your Workload Automation Command Center

The Monitor is the command center where decisions are made in a centralized workload automation environment. See all currently running and recently completed jobs, organized by user preference. Get access to a wealth of options ranging from customization and controls to audit trails and historical statistics.

Highlight what needs Attention

With Highlights and Status Icons, the monitor provides a quick and simple method of identifying and responding to the jobs that need your attention.

Monitor Highlights

Custom Views and Filters

Sort jobs in real time with the monitor’s auto-filter row, choose what you see from dozens of informational options with the column chooser, and build custom views to suit your end users’ needs.


Full Controls

Leverage the suite of monitor commands to control every job, including reschedule, cancel, resubmit, and more. Go granular with contextual controls based on job properties.


Statistics, Job Logs, and Audit Trails

JAMS automatically collects the data and statistics you need for deeper insight into your environment. Review live data and use it to identify trends, or areas of your environment that may need attention.