Align Amazon Cloud Services with your Enterprise Automation

Amazon Web ServicesTechnology infrastructure decisions increasingly include some cloud component. Cloud services can decrease maintenance costs, increase reliability or improve efficiency. Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) is one such service that enables a company to migrate servers off site and into the Amazon cloud, mitigating the risks of power outages, energy fees and other costly issues.

Basic EC2 Batch Processing

Once you’ve configured EC2 for your specific application or process, it’s important to make sure that leveraging the cloud service doesn’t require unnecessary labor costs to spin it up every time.

Let’s envision a monthly process that you run, perhaps a complex ETL transaction requiring heavy resources and the intake of flat files from multiple vendors. You can either keep this process running on premise and deal with the reliability concerns of your servers’ hardware, stopping all other processes on your machines for this single process to run, or you can have an instance of Amazon EC2 run specifically when this process needs to be performed.

In the recent past, this meant having an operator log into Amazon (not the best security practice), start your instance of EC2, launch the process, monitor it as it ran, wait for it to complete and then resume other processes. In the latest version of JAMS, we’ve streamlined that process so that IT administrators can run jobs on EC2 like any other scheduled task in their environment.

JAMS handles the entire execution process for EC2 jobs from a centralized scheduling engine. JAMS will verify whether a given EC2 instance is online, automatically start it if it’s found to be offline, and process each task through a JAMS Agent installed on that EC2 instance. No human intervention is necessary.

And if an EC2 Batch Job Doesn’t Run?

Cloud services, though often more reliable than physical servers, still aren’t perfect. As we’ve done with Windows, Linux, UNIX and other servers, we’ve made alerting a core part of EC2 integration in JAMS. If a job fails for any reason, including temporary unavailability of a critical instance of EC2, JAMS provides a detailed notification.

Ready to test batch automation on your EC2-based process?

JAMS V6.1 includes all the resources you need to execute, monitor and audit EC2-based processes. Download a trial version today or contact us for a demonstration.