Automating Workday ERP Processes with JAMS

Automating Workday ERP

Your core applications are what keep your business running—especially your Workday ERP system. Your company most likely implemented Workday in order to better track resources and make projects a little less complex. But did you know you can supercharge your ERP system to run even more efficiently? By integrating Workday ERP with JAMS, the enterprise job scheduling solution from HelpSystems, your company can increase the scalability, consistency, and streamlining of processes.

JAMS ties together business processes from other core applications with your Workday ERP processes, to manage and resolve dependencies across platforms and applications. Here are more reasons to increase the power of Workday with JAMS:

Increase Scalability

When it comes time to scale new initiatives or adjust your business plan, your Workday ERP system provides streamlined scalability. But when combined with enterprise job scheduling from JAMS, new initiatives can be implemented even faster. JAMS provides the necessary checkpoint for you company’s success by ensuring all associated tasks throughout your enterprise are successfully completed.

Gain Greater Visibility into Operations

JAMS enterprise scheduling software gives users an overarching view of every process your company has on the table. And when these capabilities are combined with Workday’s inventory and supply management features, you get an easier way to see exactly which resources are being used by the different jobs your company is running. And with this increased view of operations, your team can better optimize the resources being used to complete projects, leading to cost savings.

Maximize Productivity

When your team implements JAMS alongside Workday ERP, they’ll be able to spend less time on manual tasks and more time working on mission-critical tasks. JAMS connects Workday to other business applications with event-based scheduling and integrated workflows. Even more, JAMS never stops working, executing workflows and running jobs while you’re working on other projects or away from the office.

Simply put, JAMS allows you to go beyond the limitations of Workday ERP’s native scheduling features. With its application integration capabilities, it’s easy to automate tasks across different servers, systems, and applications to ensure your business runs with maximum efficiency.

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