Cloud (AWS and Azure)

Extend smarter workload automation to public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, while maintaining the same high levels of service as on-premise automation.

Batch Processing for Elastic Cloud Environments

JAMS gives enterprises that leverage cloud computing a competitive advantage, by unifying the delivery of workload automation. By centralizing batch jobs with JAMS, IT Operations teams open an organization’s ability to access the most efficient resources for their business processes – the right resources for the right tasks. JAMS eliminates the friction associated with workloads that cross into the cloud and presents businesses with a single control center to deploy and monitor critical processes.

JAMS Scheduler Automates AWS and Azure

Scale Up, Up and Up

As cloud infrastructure and services expand within your organization, JAMS meets each new demand – from managing hundreds of Azure Virtual Machines or instances of Amazon EC2, to load balancing high volume processes. JAMS provides:


  • High Availability – Maintain reliable batch processing schedules even if your primary server goes down
  • Total Visibility – Maintain a clear, holistic overview of the status of your jobs wherever and whenever they’re running.
  • Any Cloud – JAMS integrates seamlessly with both AWS and Azure solutions.
  • Reduce Bottlenecks – Comprehensive alerting and monitoring helps IT teams identify weak points, resolve batch processing issues quickly, and maximize the value of cloud deployments.

Available for AWS and Azure

JAMS is AWS and Azure ready and requires no special configuration for use on either platform.