Microsoft Azure Automation

As cloud infrastructure and services expand within your organization, JAMS meets each new demand – from managing hundreds of Azure Virtual Machines, to load balancing high volume processes. JAMS gives enterprises that leverage cloud computing a competitive advantage, by unifying the delivery of workload automation. By centralizing batch jobs with JAMS, IT Operations teams open an organization’s ability to access the most efficient resources for their business processes – the right resources for the right tasks. JAMS eliminates the friction associated with workloads that cross into the cloud and presents businesses with a single control center to deploy and monitor critical processes.

Satisfy PaaS Database requirements

JAMS supports Platform as a Service (PaaS) database deployment. Get started with our full instructions for Deploying the JAMS Database in Azure SQL >

Seamless IaaS Installation

JAMS features seamless Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) deployment and integration on any Azure Virtual Machine.

JAMS Databases in PaaS

Smarter Azure Automation

  • Create, scale, and delete clusters in HDInsight
  • Manipulate HBase tables
  • Integrate with Azure Data Factory
  • Connect JAMS with the Operations Management Suite
  • Schedule Sqoop imports and exports
  • Create responsive Hive queries with JAMS variables
  • Execute MapReduce and Pig transformations
  • Leverage robust JAMS features in Oozie jobs

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