ERP Automation

JAMS brings the automation, scalability, and reliability of the leading batch job scheduling system to Enterprise Resource Planning. Using JAMS, you can integrate the processes from your ERP environment with external applications. What does this mean to you? JAMS manages your ERP processes as part of larger process workflows. As a result, from a single console, business process automation is consolidated so that processes from varying applications, including ERP solutions like OracleJD Edwards, and SAP, are all tied together. If there are dependencies that need to be resolved, JAMS can manage and resolve them, whether the dependencies are cross-platform and/or cross-application.


  • Allows for automation for processes like ABAP programs, external programs, and process chains.
  • Monitors, manages, and triggers dependencies between ERP processes and external processes. Complete audit trail documents the workflow.
  • Imports jobs directly into JAMS.
  • Links ERP events to JAMS events to create event-driven launch of jobs.
  • Combines real-time status of ERP jobs with external processes in a single console.
  • Supports multiple ERP instances and environments.
  • Offers more flexible and extensive calendar options for scheduling ERP processes.


  • Leverage your ERP investment to create a comprehensive business automation platform.
  • Connect ERP applications to other business applications with event-based scheduling and integrated workflows.
  • Consolidate ERP process automation with other business processes in a single console.
  • Reduce costs associated with training and maintenance.
  • Provide more powerful job scheduling than the native scheduler for greater efficiency and productivity.