JD Edwards Automation

JAMS offers automation for JD Edwards, managing JD Edwards jobs as an integrated part of your organization’s overall workflow.

JAMS synchronizes JD Edwards processes with external applications, providing you with one centralized solution for automating and monitoring your organization’s processes.

From the Experts: JD Edwards Automation with Gennaro Piccolo

JAMS Support Engineer Gennaro Piccolo has implemented JAMS at hundreds of organizations, and provided automation training to many more. In this expert chat, Gennaro explains why organizations automate JD Edwards, how JAMS integrates with JD Edwards, and shares a JD Edwards automation story. Transcript Below:

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  • Allows for the automation of JD Edwards batch processing and reporting.
  • Monitors, manages, and triggers dependencies between JD Edwards and external processes. Complete audit trail documents the workflow.
  • Combines real-time status of JD Edwards processes with external processes in a single console.
  • Supports multiple JD Edwards instances and environments.
  • Offers more flexible and extensive calendaring options for scheduling JD Edwards processes.
  • Retrieves the full output file specification of a report.
  • E-mails report output directly to end users.
  • Easily include JD Edwards log or debug log into a job’s log file.



  • Leverage your JD Edwards investment to create a comprehensive business automation platform.
  • Connect JD Edwards to other business applications with event-based scheduling and integrated workflows.
  • Consolidate JD Edwards with other business processes in a single console.
  • Reduce costs associated with training and maintenance.
  • Provide more powerful job scheduling than the native scheduler for greater efficiency and productivity.