Windows Workflow

JAMS supports Windows Workflow Foundation, a technology for defining, executing, and managing workflows. JAMS hosts workflows and includes a number of activities that are specific to JAMS and scheduling. These activities include:

  • SubmitJob – Submit a job and optionally wait for the completion
  • WaitForFile – Wait for a file to arrive
  • WaitForJob – Wait for a job to complete
  • WaitForResource – Wait for a resource to be available
  • Notify – Notify of an event (using standard JAMS notification techniques)
  • TimeLimit – Set a limit for the completion of the enclosed activities
  • FileTransfer – Transfer a file using FTP,FTPS or SFTP

JAMS also supports all the standard workflow activities so users have extremely flexible flow control. And, users can write their own activities or buy off the shelf activities that you can then drop into workflows.

Here are some sample screen shots of Windows Workflow Foundation within JAMS. The first screenshot waits for a file to arrive and then either submits a job to process the file or, notifies of a missing file.


This second screenshot, ProcessAllFiles, shows how you can use the .NET Framework right in your workflows, it calls System.IO.Directory.GetFiles() to get a list of files in a directory and then submits a job for each file that was found.

The last sample screenshot is a little more complex to show you how involved a Workflow could be. Each of those narrow rectangles (RetrieveTestName, LogLine etc) is a JAMS Job. When you drop a job into a workflow, you can tell the workflow to either wait for the job to complete or not.