Imagine Smart Data Center Automation

Move beyond the limited run options of Informatica with JAMS workload automation. Informatica users who leverage JAMS gain access to powerful job scheduling features, such as cross-platform and cross-application scheduling, resource and event-based scheduling, natural language date specifications, dependencies, and job status notifications. JAMS fully supports Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter, and enables users of the two complimentary technologies to shift from task scheduling to business process automation. Regardless of how you utilize Informatica technology, you can achieve new levels of efficiency and reliability by running those jobs in JAMS.

Informatica Certified

JAMS is an excellent example of the more than 1,000 apps on the Informatica Marketplace designed to improve productivity for Informatica customers. Designed for centralized batch processing, JAMS provides a unified console that not only manages Informatica batch jobs, but also connects those Informatica jobs to enterprise-wide workflows.Scott Geffre, VP Cloud Business Operations and Marketplace

Informatica In JAMS

Experience Robust Scheduling

  • Run existing Informatica tasks directly from JAMS
  • Connect Informatica tasks to mission critical workflows
  • Establish cross-platform prerequisites and dependencies
  • Schedule with drop-down simplicity
  • Trigger tasks on events outside of Informatica
  • Respond to network issues and hung tasks automatically
  • Control tasks across the environment from a central window
  • Integrate Informatica with Big Data through JAMS