PowerShell 3.0 Recap [Video]

Watch PowerShell 3.0 video with Jeffery Hicks and Daniel St. JeanPowerShell 3.0 is filled with many new features to administer Windows systems. We’ve supported the latest version since its release in September of 2012, but we know that not everyone has had an opportunity to kick the tires. So, we teamed up with PowerShell MVP Jeffery Hicks to show off some of 3.0’s most valuable new features in:

“PowerShell 3.0: These are a Few of My Favorite Things”

Watch video about PowerShell 3.0 with Jeffery Hicks and Daniel St. Jean

Here are a few highlights from the informative 1-hour session with Jeff and one of our senior support engineers, Daniel St. Jean:

Why PowerShell?

PowerShell is THE interactive management console for Windows technologies and it’s an easy scripting language to learn. More importantly, it scales to meet any enterprise task, with the ability to repeat a defined process across as many machines or accounts as you need.

So What’s New In 3.0?

Jeff shows first hand examples of:

  • » Improved midline editing
  • » Setting default parameter values
  • » Saving help locally
  • » Show-Command and the graphical command builder
  • » Out-Gridview for sorting and filtering in place
  • » and more

JAMS and PowerShell

Our own PowerShell guru, Dan St. Jean, demonstrates how Show-Command and other cmdlets  can be used to retrieve batch job scheduling information contained in JAMS. He also shows you how to programmatically build scheduled tasks, and manage PowerShell source code from within JAMS.