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Native Scheduler Showdown – Breaking Down Automation in Task Scheduler, SQL Agent and Cron
March 27, 2023
Let’s face it. Scheduling batch jobs with native batch automation tools isn’t easy, or flexible. Whether you’re wrestling with the complex format of cron, or dealing with the limited features in Windows Task Scheduler or SQL Agent, it is never as easy as 1-2-3. Let’s break down some real-world examples of scheduling batch jobs with Read More
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Elevate ETL Automation with Workload Automation
January 29, 2023
Data drives modern businesses, and the volume of data to be processed at an organization just keeps growing. In fact, the amount of data being generated is expected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025. All this data helps drive the important decisions made on a daily basis, determining everything from how to operate more efficiently Read More
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New in JAMS V7.0
December 6, 2022
Jobs Sequences JAMS V7 introduces Sequences, a powerful tool to manage multi-job, multi-step workflows. Sequences have all the properties of an individual job, plus additional workflow functionality, such as nesting and parallel processing. The Sequences drag-and-drop editor provides utilities for uploading and downloading from file transfer servers, as well as file renaming and deleting. Soft Read More
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December 6, 2022
Once you’ve experienced the efficient cadence that goes along with smart workload automation and service orchestration, it’s difficult to imagine life without it. Employing best practices when you define a batch process can save you hours of time in the future. JAMS is designed to help enterprises maintain good habits across every batch process on Read More
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How to Execute a .bat File within a PowerShell Job
November 17, 2022
Most of the time, you run Windows batch files using the Command Execution Method, which replicates running them in a command prompt window (cmd.exe).  But, what if you need to perform additional processing within the same job and you are running that batch processing in PowerShell? You have several methods to launch Windows batch files Read More
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Top 3 Reasons PowerShell Users Love JAMS
September 23, 2022
Microsoft PowerShell was created to simplify and automate Microsoft tasks by creating scripts and combining them with multiple commands. While this has helped cut down on some repetitive work, manually deploying PowerShell scripts can still be tedious. With a workload automation solution—like JAMS from Fortra—your PowerShell scripts can reach their full potential by bringing your Read More
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Batch Processing Systems: How They Started and Evolved
September 15, 2022
BATCH PROCESSING: THE EARLY DAYS The earliest batch processing systems were developed in the days of mainframes and punch cards. Programs were entered on the punch cards, and system operators would have a stack, or batch, of the cards to feed into the computer. Modern batch processing software is quite a bit more sophisticated, but still involves Read More
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