Holiday Season Enterprise Job Scheduling
November 19, 2019
The holiday shopping season is great for consumers – it’s full of opportunity, excitement, great deals, and purchases. Retailers, though, can experience undue stress as they try to keep up with ever-rising consumer demands. It’s not just the stores themselves that feel the pressure. During holiday shopping seasons, IT teams must ensure that the company’s Read More
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Five Steps to a Smoother Job Scheduling Transition
October 28, 2019
Our engineers discuss automation needs on a daily basis. They perform process evaluations, hold remote training sessions, speak about job scheduling at industry events, and host automation webinars. They know there’s nothing quite as good as being in the same room – when your users and our engineers can share a cup of coffee, communication Read More
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The State of your Job Scheduling Software – Evolution, Stagnation, or Slow Death
September 9, 2019
Organizations tend to spend time and resources when first evaluating and implementing job scheduling software, but once it’s in, it’s in. It’s great to have software you can “set-and-forget”, but apathy around job scheduling software inevitably leads to organization-level issues with service deliverability, hardware requirements, and productivity. Every business should conduct a yearly review to Read More
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Automation Spotlight – Ellucian Banner
September 3, 2019
The JAMS Team has been helping colleges and universities improve job scheduling for over a decade. As an Ellucian Partner, we know professionals in higher education are passionate about what their organizations do, and driven by their dedication to provide better experiences for all students. Unfortunately, many institutions may miss out on the improvement projects Read More
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How to Choose the Best Enterprise Software for Your Business
August 9, 2019
Technology solutions are the backbone of an efficient enterprise. Your ERP system manages and tracks resources, your CRM platform handles critical customer data, your managed file transfer software moves encrypted files in high volumes, and your document management product keeps you from drowning in paper forms. For all those processes to run as smoothly as Read More
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