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6 Job Scheduling Tactics for Windows Server Sprawl
October 7, 2018
Companies run many of their mission-critical processes on a growing array of Windows servers these days. Instead of automating nightly batch streams on a mainframe, data centers are running processes on multiple Windows servers using built-in schedulers like the Windows Task Scheduler applet or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Simple schedulers like Windows task scheduler work well on individual Read More
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Dependency: A Workload Automation Core Concept
October 1, 2018
False starts eat away at an enterprise schedule. So many cycles of computing, database querying, and VM provisioning are wasted because some file wasn’t available yet, or some variable wasn’t set. No matter how perfect your part of the process was executed, the output remains valueless. And, the time invested is a loss to your Read More
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Why Batch Processing Will Never Die
June 14, 2018
An attendee at one of our recent webinars made this comment, “Batch is dead. Why would I need a workload automation tool?” Yes, the definition of batch has changed over the years. But, background processing will never die. It’s just not visible to the end user. For example, when you place an order on a website that order Read More
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Maximizing Informatica Scheduling
May 31, 2018
Informatica is a powerful tool that helps your organization extract, send, verify, and replicate data. If you’re using Informatica, it probably interacts with many of the systems critical to your business, including CRM, ERP, and others. But if Informatica isn’t fully automated and integrated with the rest of your environment, you’re not maximizing your investment Read More
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Automating Direct Commerce (Ecometry)
May 4, 2018
Q&A with Dan St. Jean JAMS has helped many Direct Commerce customers automate their all-channel commerce systems. We’ve been in the game so long that it’s not uncommon to hear our customers refer to Ecometry, Red Prairie, and even Escalate Retail, when they call. Whatever you call it, Direct Commerce continues to provide the backbone Read More
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Job History: Just the Facts for Job Scheduling
March 30, 2018
Job history is an important topic of conversation in the job scheduling world. In recent articles, we’ve talked about the importance of having reliable and thorough audit history reports of your job schedule, which serves as an important security feature. When you know who is changing your job schedule and how they’re changing it—when you are armed Read More
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Proactive Job Monitoring in an Imperfect World
March 29, 2018
Let’s face it: not every one of your jobs runs on a perfect schedule—your schedule isn’t filled with jobs that run on the hour, every hour, every time. What’s a busy system administrator to do? Set up job monitor statuses, that’s what. Real businesses are complex and dynamic environments, in which job schedules are based Read More
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Workload Automation vs. Job Scheduling
March 20, 2018
What’s the Difference Between Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Tools? The terms workload automation and job scheduling are often used interchangeably. Workload automation and job scheduling are in fact closely related; however, workload automation tools cover a broader range of capabilities than traditional job scheduling tools. In short, workload automation is an advanced, flexible form Read More
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