Batch Processing: How It Evolved and How Your Business Benefits

What Is Batch Processing? The earliest batch processing systems were developed in the days of mainframes and punch cards. Programs were entered on the punch cards, and system operators would have a stack, or batch, of the cards to feed into the computer. Modern batch processing software is quite a bit more sophisticated, but still involves managing

Why Batch Processing Will Never Die

An attendee at one of our recent webinars made this comment, “Batch is dead. Why would I need a workload automation tool?” Yes, the definition of batch has changed over the years. But, background processing will never die. It’s just not visible to the end user. For example, when you place an order on a website that order

MVP Customer Ohio Department of Public Safety Saves Millions with Legacy Modernization

The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s transition from the mainframe offers valuable insight into the benefits of legacy modernization. The lessons learned apply broadly to IT pros, but are especially relevant to those who rely on well-architected automation and scheduling in a mainframe environment. The challenge of creating a “Windows-based environment that met or exceeded