The State of your Job Scheduling Software – Evolution, Stagnation, or Slow Death

Organizations tend to spend time and resources when first evaluating and implementing job scheduling software, but once it’s in, it’s in. It’s great to have software you can “set-and-forget”, but apathy around job scheduling software inevitably leads to organization-level issues with service deliverability, hardware requirements, and productivity. Every business should conduct a yearly review to

Welcome Legacy Modernization Partner, GT Software

This week, we welcome GT Software to our network of Legacy Modernization partners. Their team has been helping companies optimize and modernize mainframe infrastructures since 1982. We’ve partnered with them specifically to aid IT departments as they migrate JCL (Job Control Language) jobs to distributed .NET environments. While creating each statement (the old “card”) and

MVP Customer Ohio Department of Public Safety Saves Millions with Legacy Modernization

The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s transition from the mainframe offers valuable insight into the benefits of legacy modernization. The lessons learned apply broadly to IT pros, but are especially relevant to those who rely on well-architected automation and scheduling in a mainframe environment. The challenge of creating a “Windows-based environment that met or exceeded