Get to Know PowerShell 3.0 with Microsoft MVP and Author Jeffery Hicks

PowerShell has been a boon for our JAMS users and for server administrators worldwide. This month, we’re partnering with Windows IT Pro and Jeffery Hicks to provide a live introduction to the latest version, PowerShell 3.0.

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Jeffery HicksPowerShell 3.0 continues to build on the solid foundation of PowerShell 2.0. Today, IT Pros have a set of even more powerful tools to add to their admin toolbox. If you’re wondering about all the fuss surrounding PowerShell 3.0, PowerShell MVP and author Jeffery Hicks will enlighten you. In this session, he will share with you his favorite PowerShell 3.0 commands and demonstrate why you should be managing your environment with PowerShell today.

Following the main presentation, we’ll demonstrate the PowerShell integration in JAMS, including our custom scheduling cmdlets and our PowerShell host.

As with all our community events, registration is free.