Job Scheduler for Snowflake Processes

Integrate your Snowflake tasks and workflows with JAMS Scheduler

Relying on Snowflake software to secure and analyze your data? Whether you’re using the platform for data warehousing, lakes, development, or sharing, JAMS job scheduling can help you further meet the complex data demands of your business. With JAMS, your business can orchestrate high-velocity job scheduling when you bring workload automation together with your Snowflake software.

Automation for Snowflake Processes

Supercharge your Snowflake software and turn optimized data management into a reality with JAMS

  • Integrate complex processes across multiple applications and platforms that rely on Snowflake
  • Run existing Snowflake queries directly from JAMS
  • See how Snowflake jobs fit into the entire data environment
  • Establish cross-platform prerequisites and dependencies
  • Control ELT processes across the environment from a central window


  • Gain efficiencies with advanced enterprise scheduling, notification, reporting, and security
  • Decrease operational costs, reduce lag time, and eliminate errors
  • Meet the changing needs of your business with flexible automation

What Are Snowflake Tasks?

Snowflake tasks allow users to schedule a single SQL or single stored procedure to combine with streams to create a more complete data pipeline. Snowflake tasks use either Cron or Non-Cron variants as the scheduling mechanism. With enterprise job scheduling from JAMS, Snowflake users can unlock increased options for end-to-end data pipeline. Here’s how:

  • Enhance Snowflake tasks with greater scheduling abilities by including a dependency system and triggers beyond standard day & time scheduling
  • Dynamically parameterize values within SQL query or stored procedure endpoints that allow tasks to be standardized or context driven
  • Apply Snowflake values and contexts to non-Snowflake items for a more holistic task management approach
  • Go beyond the scheduling of just one single SQL query or stored procedure to orchestrate:
    • Command line clients like SnowSQL
    • ODBC and JDBC drivers used by other applications—like Tableau, Matillion, and more—that connect to Snowflake
    • Native connectors like Python
    • ETL tools such as Informatica

Unlock Advanced Scheduling Abilities for Snowflake

JAMS goes beyond the limited scheduling capabilities of Snowflake tasks. Achieve more holistic automation with the ability to create workflows that include dependencies from other systems and applications. By bringing these processes together, you can use your critical data faster, in real time.

Batch Processing

Financial Services Firm Achieves Efficient Workload Automation with JAMS

Yvette Carpenter is the technical operations manager for a financial services firm that spun off from another company in 2016. Before the transition, the company wasn’t using true enterprise scheduling solutions, and Carpenter was tasked with automating a great number of manual processes. After evaluating potential automation partners, the company selected JAMS, a centralized workload


Producing data at your fingertips can be an elusive goal—especially in a complex data environment. But when done well, it establishes a framework for organizations to apply lessons learned and practical insights in their own business.


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“It has been very valuable having one place where we can process all of the data. Having current data ready to go when our users need it is extremely critical.”
Yvette Carpetner, Technical Operations Manager, Financial Services Firm

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