Automate Banner® by Ellucian

JAMS Job Scheduler provides colleges and universities using Ellucian Banner® with cross-platform automation and reliable batch job scheduling.

By standardizing the properties of scheduled IT processes and centrally monitoring batch processes, JAMS streamlines the management of student information systems.

Core Banner Automation

JAMS natively integrates with Banner’s underlying database and application layers. As a result, institutions using JAMS for automation can maintain uniform control as they employ different sets of Banner tools, allowing institutions to leverage JAMS for Registration, Human Resource Information, Financial Aid, and more. JAMS eliminates the need for building custom scheduling tools and retaining professional service firms while providing a range of benefits, including:

  • Dependable generation of reports, letters, financial aid processing, and more
  • Increased staff productivity and efficiency
  • Point-and-click interface for creating Banner workflows
  • Load-balancing across campus servers or VMs to minimize latency
  • Accommodate processing across departments
  • Robust, granular security

  • Centralized job logs from Banner and other processes
  • Accelerated FAFSA data processing
  • Immediate and easy-to-understand alerts, notifications, and audit trails
  • Smooth transitions when upgrading or adding a Banner module
  • Unparalleled, 24×7 support

From the Experts: Banner Automation with Louis Diaz

JAMS Support Engineer Louis Diaz has implemented JAMS at dozens of institutions and provided automation training to many more. In this expert chat, Louis explains why institutions automate Banner, how JAMS integrates with Banner, and shares a Banner automation story from one of his on-sites.

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Automate More than Just Banner

JAMS connects Banner to your entire IT infrastructure in a single, centralized automation solution that integrates with multiple platforms and processes.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • AWS
  • VMWare
  • Azure

  • Oracle
  • Crystal Reports
  • File Transfers
  • Custom Applications
  • SAP
  • IBM Cognos


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