Automate Ellucian Banner Processes and More with Workload Automation

Do your IT processes make the grade?

Professionals in higher education are passionate about what their organizations do and are driven by providing the best experience for all students. However, many institutions are missing out on the benefits of automation and the improved experience it can bring. By eliminating manual tasks like processing financial aid packages, importing ISIR loads, and more, JAMS helps to improve many aspects of higher education.

Watch now to discover how your team can optimize workflows and integrate jobs from both Ellucian Banner and other platforms and applications to better support students and manage daily operations. Learn how the powerful workload automation engine in JAMS can run, monitor, and manage your most critical workflows. We discuss:

  • Benefits of workload automation and job scheduling for higher education
  • How JAMS natively integrates with Banner to create dynamic schedules and workflows
  • A demonstration of JAMS

Watch on demand and learn how your institution can use JAMS to eliminate manual processing, reduce the risk of human error, and improve operational efficiencies. JAMS can help in many sectors including financial aid, finance, HR, and many other functional areas.