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The Business Applications department at Gold Eagle is responsible for keeping Production Systems online and available throughout two shifts, supporting all JD Edwards users, and managing a half dozen third-party products that integrate with JD...

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Hosting critical applications and business processes on multiple platforms had created a variety of pressure points for UVA Health’s workload automation tools. Failures and delays caused by the shortcomings of these tools were unacceptable.

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Uptime and on-time refreshes are critical for companies moving at the speed of retail business. When Windows Task Scheduler could no longer keep up, SharkNinja knew it was time to implement workload automation software. The...

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After one year of manual aid packaging with a new tuition model, the University decided it was time to better leverage their Banner installation. The University of Mary Washington set out to find a workload...

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Seminole’s transition from mainframe processing to distributed processing presented the electric cooperative’s IT team with an important choice. Continue to invest in Control-M, the cooperative’s original mainframe scheduling tool, or start to look at alternative...

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Maritz, Inc. relied on a highly-customized legacy scheduling tool to handle batch processing across the organization. When the tool’s integrity and future came into question, Maritz set out to find an enterprise job scheduler that...

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Since going live with JAMS, Bruce Power has automated more than 150 business-critical jobs. In addition to standard Windows Tasks, they’ve automated and integrated jobs from a long list of applications including: Passport, Workday, Sharepoint,...

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Destination XL Group, Inc. (DXLG) is a long-time Ecometry (JDA Direct Commerce) user. When Ecometry dropped HP 3000 support in favor of Windows, DXLG needed to find a job scheduler that could mirror current processing...

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Southwest Power Pool took advantage of the ability to run any kind of script in JAMS. They leveraged JAMS to run their batch scripts, SQL SSIS packages, PowerShell scripts and C# code all within the...

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ESCO Advisors’ proprietary applications draw content from multiple data stores and run millions of calculations against the data every day. For each energy retailer, they collect data such as weather forecasts, usage history, market prices,...

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West had employed several workarounds to make sure the master schedule proceeded as reliably as possible. As the company approached 6,000 jobs across multiple servers, the business recognized the need for a centralized solution.

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Although native SQL tools provide basic scheduling capabilities, Frontline recognized that leaning on SQL for automation was a less than ideal solution.

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The DSE previously used tools causing several pain points for the department’s IT staff. Failure notifications were frequently unreliable, and lacked sufficient information to identify specific points of failure.

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The IT team faced issues such as support for multiple ERP systems, support for applications for the Wholesale Trading team, and consolidation of data from multiple billing applications.

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Using Windows Task Scheduler and SQL Server Agent, TyMetrix could not keep up with customer demand for real-time data. IT staff spent considerable time to deliver its robust legal billing and matter management reports on...

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Tight integration between JAMS and PowerShell has minimized Marketing Associates’ dependence on multiple scripting languages. The feedback that JAMS provides through PowerShell on completion status and notification status helps streamline many of the company’s batch...

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One of the main issues that Zong faced was that there was no centralized control or management of their processes. Zong also had no way of being notified if remote jobs failed.

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Crane Group relied on a hodgepodge of tools like Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server Agent, and the scheduling capabilities native to JD Edwards. The issue was that none of these schedulers are robust.

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Stater not only wanted to move their core batch scheduling system to a Windows platform, but also needed to centrally manage all of these decentralized tasks and processes.

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In the past, DDI relied on Windows Task Scheduler, Cron, and manual intervention to run all of its internal processes. One of the biggest issues the company faced was not having a single, centralized view...

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Shar was relying on Windows Task Scheduler and/or manual intervention to run their critical processes. Manually streaming these processes was a very labor intensive and error prone process, especially at month-end.

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Under Wilson HTM Investment Group's old method, there were no dependencies in place between jobs, which increased the business risk of jobs potentially running out of sequence (or not at all). If this occurred, then...

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Operations at Matlock Capital needed a way to handle the increasing number and complexity of IT processes while reducing the need for human intervention. They needed a better way to manage the many interdependent overnight...

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When Kansas City Public Schools moved to Windows, they knew they would need automation solutions robust and flexible enough to handle the needs of the district’s 35 centers and 15,000 students. By combining JAMS Workload...

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